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Tales From The IdolZone

Athena Louise

Athena Louise

IdolZone: How long have you been modeling and how did you get into the industry?

Athena Louise: Since 2013. It’s been 6 years already. I when I joined workshop in ramp modeling, then someone got me to open photoshoot. Many photographers sent me messages to have shoots with them. My friend also asked me to try taping in teleseryes (TV shows). I’ve tried my hand in event modeling, print ads and became endorsers of sorts for different products ranging from, a gluta (sic) spa, nail spa. I was lucky enough to be on a billboard in EDSA and different places in Philippines for a shampoo brand.

IDZ: Growing up, did you ever think of modeling?

AL: Yes! I like posing in cameras since I was a kid.. Haha ! But my dream is to be a flight attendant.. secondary is to be a model..never expect that I can be one.. and I’m so thankful for that.. “Expect the unexpected”

IDZ: I’m sure you’ve heard of this several times, but what’s your reaction when people think you might be Alodia’s long lost twin sister?

AL: I really appreciate it. Mainly because I also like to play online games like her. She is pretty and cute and I think she’s friendly too…like me 😁 And I think anyone would feel great if they are in the same situation.

IDZ: Your name doesn’t come up often. We know it’s the Greek goddess of wisdom, ever wondered why you were named after her?

AL: Athena is also my mother’s name. My mom wants us to have the same names.

IDZ: So can we say you’re mom’s junior?

AL: Hahaha! Nahh… I look like my dad. My sister looks like my mom. My name is actually a combination of my parent’s names. It’s Athena and Luisito… so it’s “Athena Louise.” 😁

IDZ: Give us a schedule of you typical day. Between modeling gigs, where can we find you?

AL: Usually weekdays I go to mall with my friends, watch movies, go to KTVs and dinner with family. Sometimes, I go out of town…It depends on my mood.

IDZ: And what gets you in the mood for a romantic getaway?

AL: I like beaches… I think Palawan is one of the best. I just sit quietly on the shore or walk in the beach with my guy and talk about our plans in life 😍. I like peaceful places. I also wanna try camping in mountains, and just watch the stars ❤️. That’s romantic for me. I’m not into fancy restaurants. As long as I’m with my special someone, that’s enough. ❤️

IDZ: You came in our shoot rather well-dressed. Can you describe to use your fashion sense?

AL: It depends on where I go, but dresses have been my instant go-to. Sometimes I wear high waist pants paired with a crop top and flat sandals. You can also see me in shorts, a plain shirt and sneakers for those more laid back days.

I shop in malls and sometimes in bazaars. (Laughs) Not all I wear is branded… I think it’s not just what you wear, it’s how you wear it and how you feel when you wear it. I don’t care what other people might say, as long as I am comfortable with it then I’ll wear it. I also love accessories, shoes and bags.. ❤️

Fast Facts

Morning or Night Person? Night.
Describe Yourself in Three Words. Sweet. Workaholic. Goal Digger.
Favorite Shop. Forever 21.
Fun before food or food before fun? Fun before food.
Hot shower or bubble bath? Hot shower.
Perfect location for a date. Paris.
Glass of wine or 6-pack of beer? Wine.
Sent a naughty picture of yourself before? Yes.
Who makes the first move in a relationship? The guy.

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