Tales From The IdolZone: New Limited Edition Products

Happy Mondays everyone! Our apologies for the temporary glitch a few hours ago. Rest assured it has been fixed by our host. Hence we’re able to write this blog post!

There has been so much sunshine going around, and we just can’t handle the heat! Would you blame Shane on that? Hahaha. Maybe. We have her gravure album highlighted this month on the site, so make sure you get your memberships in.

For those who have LIMITED EDITION membership, we have loads of new stuff in the shop for you guys! Make sure you get your free trial NOW as we are celebrating our anniversary this month! This free trial would only last this May!

For you dear IdolZoner who have access to the Limited Edition, have new goodies in the store!

Khaye’s images would be updating every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, until content lasts.

Jinri is a big sneaker fiend, so we thought of releasing this special set just about her and sneakers… anything else in between is optional.

Sachi on the other hand, just can’t wait to take it all off with this heat. So asides from her Just Sachi gravure book, we have a this special set just of you.

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