Tales From The IdolZone: Turning 1!

“Hey Idol Zone, I already have a subscription. What’s the Limited Edition section for?”

The regular subscription allows you access to content for one idol, delivered every week as per the usual fare. Getting the Limited Edition access is something entirely different.

The Limited Edition section gives you entry to our secret backdoor where you get a first glimpse of new and up and coming models and be able to tell your friends that you saw her first. But the perks don’t end there. Our most established idols also release their special sessions exclusively in this portion of Idol Zone. Essentially, it’s a buffet where you can have more babes than you asked for, plus other free stuff, straight image album downloads, and additional subscriptions. It’ll be like it’s your birthday every week with all the weekly surprise content. Logging in with your birthday suit is purely optional.

Want a sneak peek? We are opening the Limited Edition section this entire month with a FREE trial. Why? Because it’s IdolZone’s 1st year anniversary and we’re just totally generous like that. The summer months are getting hotter and hotter, but wait ‘til you see what we have in store for you at the Limited Edition section.

And for all the Jinri Park fans out there (that’s all of us), here’s a little announcement: Jinri’s Anniversary Album is only available for subscriptions on the month of May, so make sure you’re already subscribed and get the chance to win a signed limited Polaroid photo. After May, new content will still come out, but accessible only to those subscribed before the month ends. Look, we all know Jinri is one of the hottest idols out there, so it would be best for you to jump on this quick. I know I would.

(make sure you’re a member of the Limited Edition first)

Enjoy Your Intimate Moments with Abby Poblador

Oh, Abby! Definitely not too shabby. Oh, sorry. I was just looking over Abby Poblador’s 2nd gravure album, Intimate Moments, which is out now. Lock your door and get your subscription and check out Abby in all her wonderful glory. This one’s a definite keeper!

I know, info overload right?! Well, we’ve been busy this month… so enjoy the new sections!

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