Manic Mondays (Content Update: 09.25.17)

Hello IdolZoners!

As Jose Marie Chan takes over the sounds of our local malls, we here in IdolZone are gearing up for bigger things to come for this holiday season.

First off, we are going to be part of the Models Interactive Media Group, which runs all websites for Models of Manila, Bridget Suarez Diary, and soon more websites for your entertainment.

We would soon have merchandise (just like in our old shop @ jaytablante) with books, prints, calendars and shirts of your favorite models this coming months so watch out for the growing shop section!

And finally, as part of the re-issue series.. Abby Poblador invites you again for another intimate escape with her. Enjoy never-before published images from her original gravure book, Intimate Escape. Which by the way, we are also re-releasing for those who haven’t had the chance to buy the books before.

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