Frisky Fridays (Content Update 05.19.17) / Maintenance Update

Please bear with us as our host is upgrading our platform and facilities. Certain functionalities of the site would be down intermittently, but our content update would continue as scheduled. Once we have service restored 100%, we would announce the winner of Charm’s Polaroid. Whoever lucky schmuck you are, please update your shipping address on your account. Yes, that means you.

Some updates on our content release! We’re spreading the love throughout the entire week!

There would be digital goodies for members-only downloads soon, so don’t you fret on those high resolution images, because they would be served up to you in class.

We would like to say thanks to all fans of the girls who have supported Idol Zone. Our site still has modest offering, but with your help, we would be able to make it grow better. We would be featuring more models in the future too. For those who have suggestions, we’re all ears. Please send us your feedback.

Until the next update guys!


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