Welcome to Our New Store!

Shop @ Jay Tablante is now IdolZonePH! The definite source of your favorite local models.  We are currently migrating all our content over the next few weeks, so please bear with us while we’re in the process. From here on though, all new new stuff would be updated on this website.  We are launching this new site with exclusive images of Charm dela Cruz’s new gravure series: Lucky Charm!

Members would also enjoy various digital goods given out during the duration of the memberships.

For those current customers of the original shop, nothing to worry. We are still honoring your running memberships there until they finish. We are currently consolidating our content service on a new platform to serve you guys better!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Store!

    1. Hello John!

      Some of the books are already available in Buqo. We are currently working on Charm’s soon.

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